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The Digital Video Option (DIVO) board (marketing code XT-DIVO) is an XIO option board that provides broadcast-quality video for SGI workstations and servers that accept XIO boards. The option also provides 4 channels of audio.

The DIVO-DVC XIO option board (marketing code XT-DIVO-DVC) has all the functionality of the DIVO board and also supports DVCPRO, DV video coding and decoding, and DVCam.

Note: These option boards require IRIX 6.4 or later. Installations on SGI 3000 series systems require IRIX 6.5.10 or later (with patches, as required).

Features of both options are controlled with the Video Library (VL) and the Audio Library (AL). VL device-independent calls and controls are explained in the Digital Media Programming Guide (007-1799-060 or later; online only). That manual also gives information on using the AL.


This guide was written for the sophisticated video user in a professional or research environment. You should be familiar with video standards, the operation of the SGI workstation or server, and the VL information in the Digital Media Programming Guide.

Many current SGI owner's guides, programming guides, and user's guides are available through the World Wide Web: http://techpubs.sgi.com/library .

Structure of This Guide

This guide includes the following chapters and appendices:

An index completes this guide.

Other Documents

Besides this guide, Digital Media Connections (007-3525-002 or later) is shipped with the DIVO and DIVO-DVC option boards.

The Digital Media Programming Guide is available with the IRIX digital media development environment software (dmedia_dev).

It is also a good idea to have your system owner's guide available.

If you do not have these guides handy, the information is also online in the following locations:

  • IRIS InSight Library: from the Toolchest, choose Help > Online Books > SGI EndUser or SGI Admin, and select the applicable guide.

  • Technical Publications Library: if you have access to the Internet, enter the following URL in your Web browser location window:

    Once you are in the library, choose Catalogs > Hardware Catalog > and look under the Owner's Guides for the applicable owner's guide. For software guides, look on the bookshelf for the applicable IRIX version.

Conventions Used in This Guide

In command syntax descriptions and examples, square brackets ( [ ] ) surrounding an argument indicate an optional argument. Variable parameters are in italics. Replace these variables with the appropriate string or value.

In text descriptions, IRIX filenames are in italics.

Helvetica Bold font is used for labels on hardware, such as the names of ports on the I/O panel.

Messages and prompts that appear on-screen are shown in typewriter font. Entries that are to be typed exactly as shown are in boldface typewriter font.

Because the DIVO and DIVO-DVC options share most features, most of the information in this guide covers both options at once, such as the VL controls explained in Chapter 2, “Programming DIVO and DIVO-DVC”. Specifically:

In each chapter or appendix in which the Digital Media Programming Guide is referenced, it is referred to by its full title at the first occurrence and thereafter as the DMPG.

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