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Table 1-1. Interface for Video Equipment
Table 1-2. DIVO Panel LEDs
Table 2-1. DIVO/DIVO-DVC Node Controls
Table 2-2. Controls for the DIVO and DIVO-DVC Option Boards
Table 2-3. DIVO/DIVO-DVC Events
Table 3-1. Digital Media Audio Conversion API
Table 3-2. Source and Destination Parameters
Table 3-3. Parameters for PCM Mapping
Table 3-4. Query Parameters for All Codecs
Table 3-5. DV Audio Parameters
Table 3-6. Buffer Length Parameters
Table 3-7. Rate Conversion Parameter
Table 3-8. DV Audio Library API
Table 3-9. Audio Rate Conversion Library API
Table A-1. Return Loss for DIVO/DIVO-DVC Video and Genlock Channels
Table A-2. Characteristics for DIVO/DIVO-DVC Digital Video Out Channels
Table A-3. Usage for LINK A and LINK B in 4:2:2:4 Mode
Table A-4. Usage for LINK A and LINK B in 4:4:4:4 Mode
Table A-5. GPI Pinouts
Table A-6. GPI Transmitter Electrical Specifications
Table A-7. GPI Receiver Input Optoisolator Electrical Specifications
Table C-1. DIVO/DIVO-DVC Packings
Table C-2. VL_COLORSPACE Options
Table D-1. Clamping Ranges for RGB Component Conversions
Table F-1. DV Specifications: General
Table F-2. DV Specifications: Audio Recording Method
Table F-3. DV Technology Comparison
Table G-1. GPI Receiver Input Optoisolator