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Figure 1-1. DIVO Board Architecture
Figure 1-2. DIVO-DVC Board Architecture
Figure 1-3. DIVO/DIVO-DVC I/O Panel
Figure 1-4. DIVO/DIVO-DVC Video Top-Level System Diagram
Figure 1-5. Orion Main Window
Figure 2-1. Simple VL Path 
Figure 2-2. DIVO/DIVO-DVC 525-Line and 625-Line Frames and Fields
Figure 2-3. Output GPI (OFF Assumed to Be Low)
Figure 3-1. Channel Conversion
Figure A-1. GPI Connectors
Figure A-2. GPI Pinouts
Figure A-3. GPI Transmitter Electrical Specifications
Figure A-4. GPI Receiver (Switch Closure) electrical Specifications
Figure B-1. DIVO/DIVO-DVC Ports
Figure B-2. Selecting Digital Input Video Format in vcp
Figure B-3. Selecting Video Drain Format
Figure B-4. Setting Standalone or Genlock Sync
Figure B-5. GEN IN Port on the DIVO/DIVO-DVC I/O Panel
Figure C-1. VL_PACKING_444_8
Figure C-2. VL_PACKING_4_8
Figure C-3. VL_PACKING_R444_332
Figure C-4. VL_PACKING_444_332
Figure C-5. VL_PACKING_242_8
Figure C-6. VL_PACKING_R242_8
Figure C-7. VL_PACKING_X4444_5551
Figure C-8. VL_PACKING_444_5_6_5
Figure C-9. VL_PACKING_242_10
Figure C-10. VL_PACKING_R242_10
Figure C-11. VL_PACKING_444_8
Figure C-12. VL_PACKING_R444_8
Figure C-13. VL_PACKING_4444_6
Figure C-14. VL_PACKING_4444_8
Figure C-15. VL_PACKING_R4444_8
Figure C-16. VL_PACKING_R0444_8
Figure C-17. VL_PACKING_0444_8
Figure C-18. VL_PACKING_4444_10_10_10_2
Figure C-19. VL_PACKING_2424_10_10_10_2Z
Figure C-20. VL_PACKING_R2424_10_10_10_2Z
Figure C-21. VL_PACKING_242_10_in_16_L
Figure C-22. VL_PACKING_242_10_in_16_R
Figure C-23. VL_PACKING_R242_10_in_16_L
Figure C-24. VL_PACKING_R242_10_in_16_R
Figure C-26. VL_PACKING_444_12
Figure C-27. VL_PACKING_4444_12
Figure C-28. VL_PACKING_444_10_in_16_L
Figure C-29. VL_PACKING_4444_10_in_16_L
Figure C-30. VL_PACKING_4444_10_in_16_R
Figure C-31. VL_PACKING_4444_12_in_16_L
Figure C-32. VL_PACKING_4444_12_in_16_R
Figure C-33. VL_PACKING_4444_13_in_16_L
Figure C-34. VL_PACKING_4444_13_in_16_R
Figure C-35. 4:4:4 Sampling
Figure C-36. 4:2:2 Sampling
Figure C-37. 4:1:1 Sampling
Figure C-38. 4:2:0 Sampling
Figure D-1. RGB Cube in CCIR Space
Figure D-2. Color Cube With Luminance/Chrominance Ramp Vector
Figure D-3. 100% Color Bars: Cr/R
Figure D-4. 100% Color Bars: Y/G
Figure D-5. 100% Color Bars: Cb/B
Figure D-6. Luminance Ramp: Cr/R
Figure D-7. Luminance Ramp: Y/G
Figure D-8. Luminance Ramp: Cb/B
Figure D-9. Chroma/Luma Ramp: Cr/R
Figure D-10. Chroma/Luma Ramp: Y/G
Figure D-11. Chroma/Luma Ramp: Cb/B
Figure F-1. DV Compression
Figure G-1. GPI Jumper Locations (Factory Setting), DIVO Option Only
Figure G-2. Example GPI Interface (DIVO Option Only)
Figure G-3. Jumpering for GPI Switch Closure (Factory Setting)
Figure G-4. Jumpering for GPI Current Sense Mode, DIVO Option Only