The binary form of the message or explanation file. There are two kinds of catalogs: message catalogs and explanation catalogs. The gencat(1) command produces the catalog from the output of the caterr(1) command. The -c option of caterr calls gencat(1) and generates a message or explanation catalog from a message text file in a single step.

explanation catalog

A binary file, produced by the gencat(1) command, that contains the text of UNICOS, UNICOS/mk, or IRIX error message explanations. The user accesses and displays these explanations by using the explain(1) command. For more information, see also the explain(1) man page.

group code

The name given to the catalog of messages for a product; it is a shorthand way to refer to the software products that share one message file. The group code should consist of 2 to 6 alphanumeric characters; a maximum of 10 characters are allowed. The group codes Local, local, and LOCAL and all group codes that begin with Z (uppercase only) are reserved for site use.

message catalog

A binary file produced by the gencat(1) command that contains the text of error messages as they are called from the software at run time.

message text file

The file that contains the source form of the messages and explanations. A message text file can contain messages, formatted and unformatted explanations, and comments.