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Figure 1-1. Cube Scene Graph
Figure 1-2. Two Transformations into World Space
Figure 2-1. Primitives in a csGeoSet
Figure 2-2. Sequential Specification of Attributes Per Primitive
Figure 2-3. Indexed Attributes
Figure 2-4. Deciding Whether to Index Attributes
Figure 2-5. Stride and Offset Values
Figure 2-6. TriFanSet
Figure 2-7. Triangle Strip
Figure 3-1. Inheritance Mask
Figure 3-2. Applying a Texture to a Geometry
Figure 3-3. Texture Coordinates
Figure 3-4. Non-Perspective and Perspective Modes
Figure 3-5. Texture Coordinate Function
Figure 3-6. Repeated Texture on a Geometry
Figure 4-1. A Simple Grouping
Figure 4-2. Setting Single and Multiple-Value Variables
Figure 5-1. Scene Graph
Figure 5-2. Multiple Root Nodes
Figure 5-3. Simple Scene Graph
Figure 5-4. Two Sets of Data Rendered Differently
Figure 5-5. Torso Subgraph
Figure 5-6. Showing the Same Geometry in Two Locations
Figure 6-1. Placement of csTransform Nodes
Figure 6-2. Scaling in Different Orientations
Figure 6-3. Order of Transformations
Figure 7-1. The Flow of an Action Through A Scene Graph
Figure 9-1. Viewport
Figure 9-2. Aspect Ratio
Figure 9-3. Changing the Window Without Changing the Image's Aspect
Figure 9-4. Perspective Explained
Figure 9-5. Horizontal and Vertical Fields of View Offsets
Figure 10-1. Keys and Key Values
Figure 10-2. Engine Terminology
Figure 10-3. Spline
Figure 11-1. Rotation and trackPoint Representations
Figure 11-2. Placing csSphereSensor in a Scene Graph
Figure 11-3. Placing csPlaneSensor in a Scene Graph
Figure 11-4. Placing csTouchSensor in a Scene Graph
Figure 12-1. Ray Pick Action
Figure 12-2. Creating Your Own Window
Figure 13-1. Multiprocessing
Figure 13-2. Blocking Action of Multiple Threads
Figure 14-1. Before and After Back Patch Culling
Figure 14-2. Viewing Angle
Figure 14-3. Face and Primitive Normals
Figure 14-4. Direction of Normals
Figure 14-5. csLOD Ranges
Figure 14-6. Arranging Scene Graph Nodes
Figure 15-1. Sound Classes
Figure 15-2. Sound Direction
Figure 15-3. Forward and Reverse Sound Propagation
Figure A-1. Bounding Sphere
Figure B-1. Cube Application
Figure B-2. Cube Scene Graph
Figure B-3. Two Transformations Into World Space