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Table 2-1. Effect of Compilation Options on Floating Point Conversions
Table 2-2. Using __STDC__ to Affect Floating Point Conversions
Table 2-3. Effect of Compilation Mode on Names
Table 3-1. Reserved Keywords
Table 3-2. Escape Sequences for Nongraphic Characters
Table 3-3. Trigraph Sequences
Table 4-1. Storage Class Sizes
Table 6-1. Precedence and Associativity Examples
Table 6-2. Operator Precedence and Associativity
Table 7-1. Examples of Type Names
Table 10-1. Multiprocessing C/C++ Compiler Directives
Table A-1. Integer Types and Ranges
Table A-2. Ranges of floating point Types
Table A-3. Alignment of Structure Members
Table A-4. Signals
Table A-5. Valid Codes in a Signal-Catching Function
Table B-1. lint-style Comments
Table C-1. Built-in Functions