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This publication documents IRIS Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) release 2.3 and supports the IRIX 6.5 operating system running on the Origin Series and the Onyx2, CHALLENGE, and Onyx platforms. It explains the design philosophy and usage of the application programming interface (API) to IRIS ATM. The document assumes familiarity with the IRIX networking environment (which is based on UNIX) and basic programming in the C language.

The IRIS ATM product is hardware and software that together allow applications to transmit and receive data over an ATM connection. IRIS ATM is an excellent data communication or networking solution for applications that require high-speed, constant, or nearly constant data rates.

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Acronyms Used in This Guide

The following acronyms are used throughout this guide:


ATM Adaptation Layer


address resolution protocol


Asynchronous Transfer Mode


broadband low-layer information


AAL5 convergence sublayer protocol data unit


interim local management interface


Internet Protocol


logical link control/sub-network access protocol


permanent virtual circuit


Quality of Service


switched virtual circuit


virtual channel


virtual channel connection


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user input

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[ ]

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