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Figure 1-1. IRIS ATM driver architecture
Figure 1-2. Relationship of VCs, file descriptors, and ATM hardware
Figure 1-3. ATM Address Resolution Table Entry: the atm_laddr_t Structure
Figure 1-4. Generation of Transmission Rates in Origin2000 and Onyx2 Platforms
Figure 3-1. Overview of IRIS ATM Software Modules
Figure 3-2. Successful Call Setup by Calling User
Figure 3-3. Successful Call Setup by Called User
Figure 3-4. Successful Call Setup for Multicast SVC
Figure 3-5. ATM NSAP Format
Figure 4-1. ATM Address: NSAP Format
Figure 5-1. Bit Descriptions for SONET_status Field within the atm_stat_t Structure
Figure 5-2. Physical Options
Figure 5-3. Loopback Options for IRIS ATM-OC3c Ports