IRISŪ ATM API Programmer's Guide

Document Number: 007-2334-006

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1. API Specification
Driver Architecture and Theory of Operations
Character Device Interface
IP Support for PVCs
Characteristics of the ATM-OC3c Hardware
User-Level Commands

2. Commands for Permanent VCs
Include Files for PVCs
Frequently Used Structures
PVC Code Sample
PVC Commands

3. Commands for Switched VCs
Include Files for SVCs
Frequently Used Structures
SVC Code Sample
SVC Commands

4. Commands for Use by ILMI Modules
Include Files for ILMI Programs
ILMI Commands

5. Commands for Communicating with the Hardware
Include Files for Hardware Calls
Hardware Commands

A. Rate Queue Information for IRIS ATM-OC3c HIO Mezzanine Hardware

B. International Alphabet 5

C. Cause and Diagnostic Codes