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XVM Volume Manager Administrator's Guide describes the configuration and administration of XVM logical volumes using the XVM Volume Manager.

Note: To use XVM under SGI ProPack 6 for Linux, you must obtain and install the appropriate LK license. SGI products have migrated to a new software licensing mechanism called LK. LK was developed by SGI for SGI products only. For more information on LK, see the SGI ProPack 6 for Linux Service Pack 3 Start Here.

This guide contains the following information:

Related Documentation

The following documents may contain additional information required to use this product:

  • CXFS Administration Guide for SGI InfiniteStorage

  • CXFS MultiOS Client-Only Guide for SGI InfiniteStorage

  • SGI ProPack 6 for Linux Service Pack 4 Start Here

The following document contains additional information required to use this product under IRIX:

  • IRIX Admin: Disks and Filesystems

For information on installing a FLEXlm license under IRIX, see IRIX Admin: Software Installation and Licensing. For information on the new licensing mechanism called LK, see the SGI ProPack 6 for Linux Service Pack 4 Start Here.

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