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Table 1-1. Compression Formats and Bandwidths
Table 2-1. Disk Space Requirements
Table 2-2. System Disk Partitions
Table 3-1. VST Default and Optional Subsystems
Table 3-2. /usr/vtr Subdirectories
Table 4-1. Configuration Files
Table 6-1. VDCP Commands Supported by VST
Table 6-2. Louth Device Parameters
Table 7-1. Vela Controls
Table 8-1. VST Server Process (vvtr) Startup Options
Table 8-2. Log Levels
Table 8-3. rotatelogs Command Options
Table A-1. System Controls for Clip Mirroring
Table A-2. System Controls for Filesystems
Table A-3. System Controls for the Main System
Table A-4. System Controls for the Time Subsystem
Table A-5. System Controls for Sony Protocol Devices
Table A-6. Device Controls for DIVO, DIVO-DVC, and O2Video (mvp) Ports
Table A-7. Device Controls for Deck Control Ports
Table A-8. Device Controls for DVB-ASI Ports
Table A-9. Device Controls for Filesystem Access
Table A-10. Device Controls for MPEG Decoder Ports
Table B-1. Apple Macintosh Female DB-9 Pinout
Table C-1. Man Pages