TMF Release and Installation Guide

Document Number: 007-3967-008

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1. Software Overview
Tape Label Support
Resource Management
Volume Mounting and Unmounting
Tape Positioning
Front-End Servicing
User End-of-Volume Processing
Multifile Volume Allocation
Concatenated Tape Files
Tape Message Log File
Device Support

2. Release Package
Release Package Contents
Release and Packaging for FFIO
Software Requirements
Licensing Information

3. Installing TMF
Preparing for Installation
Installing TMF on an IRIX System
Installing TMF on an SGI ProPack System
TMF Directory Structure

4. Building TMF for User Exits
User Exit Implementation
User Exits Requiring Configuration
User Exits Not Requiring Configuration

5. License Requirements
FLEXlm Licensing on IRIX and SGI ProPack 4
LK Licensing on SGI ProPack 5