Chapter 3. Installing TMF

This chapter discusses the following:

Note: After you have completed the TMF installation, you must configure and restart TMF prior to using it. For information, see the TMF Administrator's Guide.

Preparing for Installation

Before you install TMF software, do the following:

  • Verify that you are root .

  • Back up the current installation material if you are installing a TMF replacement or upgrade.

  • (IRIX only) Ensure mediad, the movable media daemon, is not accessing the same devices as TMF. Using mediad with the same devices causes error messages to be generated in the SYSLOG file.

  • If you are using the UNIX version of the StorageTek library, you must also ensure that CSI_UDP_RPCSERVICE and CSI_TCP_RPCSERVICE are set to TRUE in the /usr/ACSSS/rc.acsss file of the UNIX storage server host. Your local StorageTek representative should be able to assist you in this matter. You should use the installation documentation for the libraries at your site to correctly install these products.

  • Ensure that TMF is not executing before beginning the installation process.

Installing TMF on an IRIX System

  1. Insert and mount the TMF CD.

  2. Using the left mouse button, select the following:

    System -> Software Manager

  3. On the Available Software list, select /CDROM/irix/dist.

  4. Click Customize Installation . You will receive more information about the size of the TMF software, including the directories and files. Click the folder icon to view the contents of the software package.

  5. Click the Start button to install the package. Software Manager will issue the following message when the TMF installation is complete:

    Installations and removals were successful.

  6. Select the following:

    File -> Exit

Installing TMF on an SGI ProPack System

  1. Insert and mount the TMF CD.

  2. Change to the directory in which the tmf-cmd package resides. Read the README file in this directory for further information and instructions.

    • For SGI ProPack 4 systems:

      $ cd /CDROM/ProPack4/rpms

    • For SGI ProPack 5 systems:

      $ cd /CDROM/ProPack5/rpms

  3. Install the tmf-cmd package, which contains the TMF user commands, administrator commands, and TMF processes:

    $ rpm -i tmf-cmd-1.4.7-0-ia64.rpm

    You must install the TMF kernel module RPM for the currently running kernel. The TMF kernel module RPM name varies according to the SGI ProPack release (where kernel_variant is the kernel variant output by the uname -r command):

    • SGI ProPack 4:


    • SGI ProPack 5:


    For more information on RPMs, see the rpm (8) man page.

TMF Directory Structure

TMF components are installed into the locations shown in Table 3-1:

Table 3-1. TMF Directories and Files




Shell script to start and stop TMF.


The /etc/tmf directory contains TMF configuration files, where tmf.config is the default. For information on configuring TMF, see the TMF Administrator's Guide.


TMF user commands.


TMF include files, which users need to compile programs that access TMF services.


TMF libraries, modules and TMF processes.


Tar file containing the user exit files, which, if required, you can use to rebuild TMF with user exits.


TMF administrator commands.