Chapter 2. Release Package

This chapter discusses the following:

Release Package Contents

The TMF release package includes the following:

  • A CD-ROM that contains the installable binary packages for the TMF release

  • TMF Administrator's Guide

  • TMF Release and Installation Guide (this publication)

  • TMF User's Guide

  • A TMF entitlement ID for licensing (see Chapter 5, “License Requirements”)

Release and Packaging for FFIO

To use the flexible file I/O (FFIO) library interface to TMF, you must install the MIPS 7.3 product, which includes compilers, libraries, and tools.

Software Requirements

The TMF release is supported on the following:

  • IRIX 6.5.28 or later

  • SGI ProPack 4 SP3 and SGI ProPack 5

  • OpenVault 1.5.8 or later (if OpenVault will be used as a loader)

Licensing Information

TMF is released independently of operating system releases and is distributed by order only to licensed sites. Software keys are used to enforce licensing. Each TMF license applies to a specific system. TMF license fees vary depending on the type of hardware. See Chapter 5, “License Requirements”.