About This Guide

About this documentation

The documentation for SoftWindows for UNIX is provided in two guides:

  • This Administrator's Guide describes how to install and set up SoftWindows, and configure it to take advantage of specific features of your UNIX installation. It is designed for use by advanced users, and assumes familiarity with UNIX.

  • A separate User's Guide provides information about using SoftWindows on a UNIX workstation.

  • An on-line version of these guides is available from the SoftWindows Help menu.

About the Administrator's Guide

Administration Overview

The SoftWindows 95 Administrator's Guide consists of the following chapters. Click on the chapter title to go there.


For clarity, this guide uses the following conventions:

  • Linked references to other sections in the book are colored blue.

  • Steps in a procedure are numbered.


This guide uses the following abbreviations:

Table 1. Abbreviations

This abbreviation

Refers to this


SoftWindows 95 version 4 for UNIX workstations


Insignia Solutions


Microsoft Disk Operating System for the IBM PC


An Intel-based computer


Microsoft Windows 95

Information Sources

Silicon Graphics provides a number of different sources of information about SoftWindows, including the following Web pages:

Microsoft information sources

For more information about setting up MS-DOS and Microsoft

Windows we recommend the following resources:

  • Compuserve (GO MSWIN).

  • Microsoft's FTP server (ftp.microsoft.com).

  • Microsoft's Web server (http://www.microsoft.com).

  • Microsoft Windows Resource Kit, which provides administrator-level Microsoft Windows-specific information.