Chapter 2. Installation requirements

SoftWindows for UNIX is supplied on CD-ROM. This section specifies the hardware and software required to run the version of SoftWindows for SGI workstations.

System software

IRIX 6.5 or later.


For an Indy system, at least 48 Mbytes of physical memory is needed. The performance of SoftWindows will be improved with more memory. 64 Mbytes is recommended.

For an O2 system, you need at least 96 Mbytes, with 128 Mbytes recommended.

Note: For each additional Mbyte of PC memory one extra Mbyte of workstation RAM is recommended for best performance.

Disk space

The figures listed below are approximate, and should be used only as a rough guide.

Table 2-1. Required Disk Space


Full Installation

Upgrade Installation

Core package

15 Mbytes

30 Mbytes

Online help files

25 Mbytes

25 Mbytes

Windows setup files

90 Mbytes (Windows 95)

15 Mbytes (Windows 3.11)

Cross-platform compatibility

8 Mbytes

8 Mbytes

Hard disk data file

150 Mbytes

30 Mbytes (Mandatory)

Maximum total (approximate)

290 Mbytes

110 Mbytes

Minimum total (approximate)

15 Mbytes

60 Mbytes

Swap space

The swap space should be at least three times the physical memory size or twice the physical memory size for systems with more than 48 Mbytes.

Floppy disk drives

The standard 3.5-inch Silicon Graphics compatible floppy disk drive is supported.

CD-ROM drive

To install SoftWindows you need a compatible CD-ROM drive connected to your workstation.


All Silicon Graphics, US, UK, French, and German keyboards are supported.

Network devices

Network devices supplied by Silicon Graphics are supported. No Token-Ring support is provided under Silicon Graphics due to limitations with the IRIX Token-Ring subsystem.