Chapter 1. Introduction

This chapter provides an overview of SoftWindows for UNIX, and describes the new features in SoftWindows 95.

SoftWindows: PC compatibility for UNIX workstations

SoftWindows is a complete IBM-compatible PC in software. It allows UNIX users to run Windows and MS-DOS applications on their workstations as if they were running on a PC.

It combines full PC compatibility with fast performance and built-in networking, so, for example, users can receive electronic mail, read PC-formatted CD-ROMs, and print PC files to a network printer, all from their UNIX workstation.

SoftWindows: a cross-platform solution

SoftWindows is available for the leading RISC-based UNIX workstations from Hewlett Packard, Sun/SPARC, IBM, Motorola, and Silicon Graphics, as well as Apple's Power Macintosh computers.

SoftWindows provides integrated access to information throughout an organization by letting PC and UNIX users share the same data and applications. From one workstation users can run native UNIX applications, Windows and MS-DOS applications, and also use PC-based networked systems.

SoftWindows allows users to standardize on today's most popular productivity applications, such as Microsoft Office and Lotus SmartSuite on PC, UNIX, and Macintosh platforms, throughout the organization.

New features in SoftWindows 95 Version 5

SoftWindows 95 Version 5 provides the following enhancements and extensions:

  • Sound Blaster and MIDI support

  • Optimized and Standard FPU emulation

  • MMX support

  • RDTSC support

  • VESA 2.0 standard Super Video Graphics (SVGA) display emulation