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Figure 3-1. PerfTools Icon Catalog Group
Figure 4-1. pmchart Performance Co-Pilot Chart Window
Figure 4-2. Two Charts and Metrics from Three Hosts in pmchart
Figure 4-3. pmchart Select Performance View Dialog
Figure 4-4. pmchart Metric Selection Dialog
Figure 4-5. Further Metric Selection
Figure 4-6. Selecting a Leaf Node in the PMNS (Performance Metric)
Figure 4-7. Metric Information Dialog
Figure 4-8. Selecting a Metric Instance
Figure 4-9. pmchart Display When Recording
Figure 4-10. Archive Recording Session-pmchart Dialog
Figure 4-11. Representative pmgadgets Display Using pmgsys
Figure 4-12. Customized pmgadgets Display
Figure 4-13. pmgadgets Dialog
Figure 5-1. dkvis Total Disk I/O Rate Window
Figure 5-2. mpvis CPU Utilization Window
Figure 5-3. nfsvis NFS Client V2 & Server V2 Request Traffic Window
Figure 5-4. mpivis MPI Activity Window
Figure 5-5. weblogvis Display of Request Rate Classified by Request Size
Figure 5-6. weblogvis Display Request Rate Classified by Request Type
Figure 5-7. pmview Window with a Block Selected
Figure 5-8. Custom pmview Scene
Figure 6-1. pmrules Import template(s) from file Dialog
Figure 6-2. pmrules Main Dialog after Template Selection
Figure 6-3. pmrules Edit template Dialog