Appendix A. Abbreviated Installation Instructions

This chapter contains abbreviated installation instructions for system administrators who have experience with PCP for ORACLE. No information is presented here that is not presented in Chapter 2, “Installation Instructions.”

The example in this appendix presumes you have a single ORACLE database to monitor. It also assumes that the ORACLE_SID is a valid namespace identifier (it must start with a letter, followed by zero or more letters, digits, or underscores).

PCP Collector System

On the database server:

  1. Make sure the pcp and pcp_ora.sw.collector images are installed and pmcd is running.

  2. Know the password for the ORACLE database's DBA SYS user, or be able to “connect internal” to ORACLE.

  3. Switch user to root (superuser).

  4. Set ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID in the environment.

  5. Enter these commands:

    # cd /var/pcp/pmdas/oracle 
    # ./Install pcp/pcp 

  6. Follow the instructions printed by the Install command.

PCP Monitor System

On any system where you want to monitor ORACLE database metrics from the server where pmdaoracle was just installed, make sure the pcp and pcp_ora.sw.monitor images are installed.