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Figure 1-1. Performance Metric Domains as Autonomous Collections of Data
Figure 1-2. Process Structure for Distributed Operation
Figure 1-3. Small Performance Metrics Name Space (PMNS)
Figure 1-4. Architecture for Retrospective Analysis
Figure 3-1. PerfTools Icon Catalog Group
Figure 3-2. pmtime PCP Live Time Control Dialog
Figure 3-3. pmtime PCP Archive Time Control Dialog
Figure 3-4. pmtime Archive Time Bounds Dialog
Figure 4-1. oview View of an SGI 2000 Series System
Figure 4-2. oview View of an SGI 3000 Series System
Figure 5-1. Sampling Time Line
Figure 5-2. Three-Dimensional Parameter Space
Figure 6-1. Archive Log Directory Structure
Figure 7-1. PCP Deployment for a Single System
Figure 7-2. Basic PCP Deployment for Two Systems
Figure 7-3. General PCP Deployment for Multiple Systems
Figure 7-4. PCP Deployment to Measure Client-Server Quality of Service
Figure 7-5. Designated PCP Archive Site
Figure 7-6. PCP Management Site Deployment
Figure 8-1. Small Performance Metrics Name Space (PMNS)