List of Examples

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Example 2-1. Identifying Drives
Example 2-2. OpenVault Configuration Menu Options
Example 2-3. Drive Configuration on a Client Host
Example 2-4. Library Configuration on a Client Host
Example 2-5. Importing Media
Example 2-6. Importing Media without Pre-allocating Cartridges
Example 2-7. ov_scandev Drive Output (IRIX)
Example 2-8. ov_scandev Library Output (IRIX)
Example 3-1. Library Contents
Example 3-2. ov_lscarts Cartridge Data
Example 3-3. Detailed ov_lscarts Cartridge Data
Example 3-4. ov_part Partitions Creation
Example 3-5. Setting ov_part Allocatable Status
Example 3-6. ov_vol Volume Allocation
Example 3-7. ov_lsvols Volume Data
Example 3-8. ov_import Cartridge Creation
Example 3-9. ov_lscarts Volume Listing
Example 3-10. ov_purge Cartridge Data
Example 4-1. Client and Server Key Authorization File
Example 4-2. information Log Level
Example A-1. mlm_aapi Calls and Their PIDs
Example A-2. ov_mount Search