OpenVault™ Operator's and Administrator's Guide

Document Number: 007-3211-008

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1. Understanding OpenVault
What OpenVault Does
How OpenVault Fits In with Other Software
OpenVault Terms
OpenVault Definitions
OpenVault Architecture
How OpenVault Operates
OpenVault Installation
OpenVault Removal
Cartridge Life Cycle

2. Installing OpenVault
OpenVault Installation Requirements
Sample Configurations
Configuration Roadmap
Preparing OpenVault Devices and Hosts
Configuring the OpenVault Server
Configuring the OpenVault Clients
Importing Media
Custom Installation

3. Cartridge Life Cycle
Cartridge States
Managing Cartridges

4. Administering OpenVault
OpenVault Configuration Files
Administering OpenVault
Monitoring OpenVault

5. Operating OpenVault
Performing Daily Tasks
Performing Occasional Tasks

6. Reconfiguring OpenVault
Importing Media Into Cartridge Groups
Adding or Deleting Drives
Changing the Drive Group of a Drive
Changing the Name of a Library
Adding Remote OpenVault Components
Establishing OpenVault Security
Changing OpenVault Passwords
Reconfiguring Server Operation

7. Tertiary Storage Management
Tertiary Storage Devices
Connecting to a Host Computer
Storage Management Applications

A. OpenVault Troubleshooting
Error Conditions
Accessing OpenVault Messages
Error Messages and Actions
OpenVault Processes and Files
Troubleshooting OpenVault Commands

B. OpenVault Man Pages