About This Guide

The IRIX NetWorker BusinesSuite Module for Oracle Administrator's Guide contains information on how to configure and manage the IRIX NetWorker BusinesSuite Module for Oracle® database storage management software.

In the original release, BusinesSuite Module for Oracle was called Database Module for Oracle, abbreviated DMO. This acronym still exists in subsystem names.

Use the information in this guide in conjunction with the IRIX NetWorker Administrator's Guide and the document set provided with your Oracle7 Server® software.

Audience for This Guide

This book is intended for system administrators and database administrators (DBAs) who install software and maintain Oracle7 Server on a network.

The information presented here provides guidelines for using and administrating BusinesSuite Module for Oracle (DMO) in a typical network environment. For details on using the NetWorker command-line interface, refer to the online NetWorker reference pages after you install the software.

Software Requirements

To run BusinesSuite Module for Oracle, systems must have the following:

  • IRIX NetWorker release 4.2.5-B or 4.2.9-B installed on the storage management server.

  • NetWorker client software, release 4.2.5-B or 4.2.9-B, installed on the system running Oracle7 Server. If NetWorker software is not installed, refer to the IRIX NetWorker Installation Guide for instructions.


The following conventions are used in this manual to make information easy to access and understand.

  • Command names and script names are displayed in bold typeface.  For example:

    To start the NetWorker Administrator program, use the nwadmin command.

  • Examples of what you type are shown in bold fixed-width typeface.  For example:

    # nwadmin & 

  • Entries that you type and are substituted by a variable are displayed as a italic typeface.  For example:

    % man nsrCommand 

  • Examples, shell prompts, and information displayed on the screen are displayed in fixed-width typeface.  For example:

    media waiting: recover waiting for 8mm 5GB tape volume name

  • Names of NetWorker buttons, displays, menus, scrolling lists, and windows are displayed in Helvetica typeface.  For example:

    Click the Cancel button to close the Help window.

  • Directory pathnames, machine names, and new terms defined in the glossary are displayed in italic typeface.  For example:

    When you use NetWorker to back up your /usr files from the client machine, you are saving them to backup volumes on the NetWorker server.

The following paragraph types indicate various kinds of information to help you use NetWorker productively:

Caution: Important pieces of information and cautionary notes that prevent you from making a mistake are marked “Caution.”

Note: Helpful information that you should probably know about is marked “Note.”

Tip: Tips or suggestions that you do not necessarily have to follow, but may give you hints as to how to set up NetWorker at your site, are marked “Tip.”

Tip: Step-by-step procedures that help you save time because they provide the minimum information you need to complete a task are marked as “Shortcut.”

Documentation and Support

Both the IRIX NetWorker Administrator's Guide and IRIX NetWorker User's Guide are available online, as IRIS InSight manuals. To view the manuals, use insight and install the subsystems networker4.books.NetWorker_AG and networker4.books.NetWorker_UG.

To print out this manual, Silicon Graphics recommends that you download the PDF or PostScript® file from http://www.techpubs.sgi.com/library/ . Click Library Search and search for “BusinesSuite Module” in book titles. IRIS InSight was never intended as a hardcopy publishing solution.

To learn how to use the NetWorker Backup and Recover windows for manual backups, see the IRIX NetWorker User's Guide. To get information about a specific release of IRIX NetWorker, see the IRIX NetWorker Release Notes. If you would like more technical information about the NetWorker commands, see the online reference pages after you have installed NetWorker.

Silicon Graphics® offers a comprehensive product support and maintenance program for IRIX products. For information about using support services for this product, refer to the release notes that accompany it.

As a user of BusinesSuite Module for Oracle, be sure to join the Legato BusinesSuite Products Mailing List for the latest news and important information on software upgrades, patches, release notes, and new product offerings. To join the list, visit Legato's web site at http://www.legato.com and select Online Support, then Join NetWorker Web Mailing Lists and finally NetWorker BusinesSuite Products Mailing List. In the fields provided, enter your name and e-mail address, then click the button at the bottom of the page.

Legato's BusinesSuite Module for Oracle team welcomes your comments and suggestions on features of the software and the documentation. Please send any suggestions and comments to [email protected] You will receive a notice confirming receipt of your e-mail. While Legato cannot respond personally to every request, they consider all customer comments and suggestions during product design.