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Figure 2-1. NetWorker Scheduled Backup Processes
Figure 2-2. NetWorker Recover Processes
Figure 2-3. Enterprise Backup Utility and NetWorker Backup
Figure 2-4. Enterprise Backup Utility and NetWorker Restore
Figure 3-1. Configuration Option 1—Single System
Figure 3-2. Configuration Option 2—Separate NetWorker Server
Figure 3-3. Configuration Option 3—Separate EBU Backup Catalog
Figure 3-4. Configuration Option 4—Separate NetWorker and Backup Catalog
Figure 3-5. Configuration Option 5—Three Separate Servers
Figure 3-6. Oracle Owner Added as NetWorker Administrator
Figure 5-1. Database Server as DMO Client on NetWorker Server
Figure 5-2. Customized Label Template on NetWorker Server
Figure 5-3. Label Window on NetWorker Server With Custom Pool
Figure 5-4. Customized BusinesSuite Module for Oracle Schedule