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Table 5-1. Information for defining machines
Table 5-2. Machine IDs, names, and output agents
Table 5-3. Definable queue characteristics
Table 5-4. Platform support of NQS limits
Table 5-5. Accounting records
Table 8-1. Attribute Types
Table 8-2. Reserved Host Object Attributes
Table 8-3. Attribute Implementation Across Platforms
Table 8-4. Request Limit Attributes
Table 9-1. Standard Events
Table 9-2. nqedbmgr Process Startup Control Commands
Table 9-3. nqedbmgr Process Shutdown Control Commands
Table 9-4. nqedbmgr Status Commands
Table 9-5. nqedbmgr Predefined Global NQE Database Configuration Attributes
Table 9-6. nqedbmgr Predefined Scheduler Attributes
Table 9-7. nqedbmgr Predefined LWS Attributes
Table 10-1. Mandatory Task States Recognized by the Tentry Callback
Table 10-2. Variables That May Be Defined in the nqeinfo File
Table 10-3. Event Objects Attributes
Table 10-4. Events Defined by Default
Table 10-5. User Task Object Attributes
Table 10-6. System Task Object Attributes
Table 10-7. Global Configuration Object Attributes
Table 10-8. Tcl Built-in Functions
Table 10-9. Additional Functions Implemented in Tcl
Table 13-1. File Transfer Components
Table 13-2. FTA_FTS Class Parameters
Table 13-3. FTA_FLAGS Parameters
Table 13-4. fta -config Output and nlbconfig Output Comparison
Table 13-5. Example of NPPA Configuration Characteristics
Table 16-1. NQE Server Daemons