NIS Administrator's Guide

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1. Understanding NIS
About NIS
NIS Portability
Client-Server Model
Server Hierarchy
NIS Maps
NIS Domains

2. Preparing to Manage NIS
NIS Database
NIS and Other Network Files
NIS Software Quick Reference Guide

3. Planning Your NIS Service
Establishing Multiple NIS Domains
Verifying ASCII File Contents
Selecting a Domain Name
Selecting the NIS Master Server
Selecting the NIS Slave Servers
General Recommendations

4. Setting Up and Testing NIS
Setting Up the NIS Master Server
Setting Up NIS Slave Servers
Setting Up NIS Clients

5. Maintaining NIS
Adding a New User to a System
Changing NIS Passwords
Using Netgroups
Creating a Nonstandard NIS Map Manually: Pre-IRIX 6.5
Creating a Nonstandard NIS Map Manually: IRIX 6.5 and Later
Modifying NIS Maps After NIS Installation
Preparing to Propagate Nonstandard Maps
Propagating an NIS Map
Adding an NIS Slave Server
Changing the Master Server
Using Secure ypset 

6. Troubleshooting NIS
Debugging an NIS Server
Debugging an NIS Client
Before You Call for Help