About This Guide

This guide is designed to help users set up, connect, and properly configure the Silicon Graphics® ST-1600 or ST-1616 serial port multiplexer that acts as a key interface for the IRISconsole administration station. This document provides information about connecting the multiplexer between CHALLENGE®, Onyx®, POWER CHALLENGE, POWER Onyx, Origin200, Origin2000, and Onyx2 systems and these Silicon Graphics workstations:

The Indigo® and Indigo2 workstations do not support the serial port multiplexer.

Note: For ease in reading, CHALLENGE is written as Challenge in the balance of this guide. For purposes of brevity, the term IRISconsole is used regardless of how many multiplexers are used to connect to systems at a site.

This document is organized as follows:

Start at Chapter 1 to familiarize yourself with the features of the multiplexer and the IRISconsole setup. You can also proceed directly to the information you need using the table of contents as your guide.

Additional Reading

Read the IRISconsole Administrator's Guide (P/N 007-2872-nnn) for information on using the graphical user interface with the multiplexer and Silicon Graphics workstation to monitor the attached systems.

For information on properly setting up and using your workstation, read the manual for your model:

  • Indy Workstation Owner's Guide (P/N 007-9804-nnn)

  • O2 Workstation Hardware Reference Guide (P/N 007-3275-nnn)

Additional software-specific information is found in the following software guides:

  • Personal System Administration Guide

  • Desktop User's Guide


The IRISconsole Multiplexer Installation Guide uses these conventions:

  • Commands that you type at the shell prompt and IRIX filenames are in italics. References to other documents are also in italics.

  • References to other chapters and sections within this guide are in quotation marks.

  • Steps to perform tasks are in numbered sentences. When a numbered step needs more explanation, the explanation follows the step.