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Figure 1-1. ST-1616 and ST-1600 Multiplexers
Figure 1-2. Example of an IRISconsole Station
Figure 1-3. IRISconsole Site Example
Figure 1-4. Multiplexer Kit Components
Figure 1-5. Remote System Control 9-Pin Connector Example
Figure 1-6. Four Different Systems and IRISconsole
Figure 1-7. Challenge, Origin2000, and IRISconsole
Figure 2-1. Multiplexer SCSI Cables
Figure 2-2. Connecting the Multiplexer SCSI Cable to an Indy Workstation
Figure 2-3. Connecting the Multiplexer's SCSI Cable to an O2 Workstation
Figure 2-4. Connecting the SCSI Cable to the Multiplexer
Figure 2-5. Setting the Multiplexer SCSI ID
Figure 2-6. Multiplexer Serial Cables
Figure 2-7. Connecting the Serial Cables to the Multiplexer: Example
Figure 2-8. Location of Console Port (tty_1) on Challenge and Onyx Systems
Figure 2-9. Location of Console Port (tty_1) on Origin200 Systems
Figure 2-10. Location of Console Port (tty_1) on Origin2000 and Onyx2 Deskside Systems
Figure 2-11. Connection to Rack
Figure 2-12. Cabling the Challenge L Server System Control Connectors
Figure 2-13. Cabling the Onyx Serial Connectors
Figure 2-14. Cabling the Challenge XL Serial Connectors
Figure 2-15. Cabling the Onyx Rackmount System Serial Connectors
Figure 2-16. Connecting the Multiplexer to the Origin200
Figure 2-17. Connecting the Multiplexer to the Origin2000 or Onyx2 Deskside System Second Serial Port
Figure 2-18. Connecting a Second Multiplexer
Figure 2-19. Location of Power LED on the Multiplexer
Figure 3-1. 25-Pin Connector on the Multiplexer
Figure 3-2. 9-Pin Connector on Challenge or Onyx Systems
Figure 3-3. 25-Pin to 9-Pin Serial Connection Cable (Challenge and Onyx Systems)
Figure 3-4. Origin200 tty_1 Console, Origin2000, and Onyx2 Deskside Serial Port
Figure 3-5. 8-Pin Serial Port Pinout Assignment for Origin200 System and Origin2000 and Onyx2 Rack System