Appendix D. Cabling the VIDI/O BOX

This appendix contains instructions for cabling the VIDI/O BOX available from Truevision (Indianapolis, IN). This option converts RGB output to NTSC output using the n@640x486_30i  video output format; one VIDI/O BOX is required for each output channel.

To cable this option for use with the Multi-Channel Option, follow these steps:

  1. Daisy-chain the MCO green output (sync on green) to the encoder green input, the decoder video input, and the sync input.

  2. Set the termination switch for the sync input to 75.

  3. Connect red and blue normally. Set the termination switches to 75. No connection to the MCO genlock is required.

Figure D-1 diagrams these connections.

Figure D-1. Cabling the VIDI/O BOX