COPAN™ MAID for DMF Quick Start Guide

Document Number: 007-5769-003

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1. Introduction
DMF in a COPAN MAID Environment
Preliminary Requirements
Overview of the Steps in this Guide

2. Format the RAID sets and Create Volumes
Selecting Appropriate Cabinet Identifiers
Matching Device Names to MAID Shelves
Formatting the RAID Sets for a Shelf and Creating Volumes

3. Configure OpenVault
Use ov_shelf to Configure OpenVault for Each Shelf
Activate the dmf Application Instances in OpenVault

4. Configure DMF
Configure DMF Parameters
Provide DMF with the OpenVault Security Keys
Import the DMF Volumes into OpenVault

5. Test the DMF System
Test that OpenVault Can Mount a Migration Volume
Validate the DMF Configuration
Enable Audits of the DMF-Managed Filesystems
Test the DMF Configuration

6. Maintenance Tasks
Deleting a Volume from a RAID set
Unformatting a RAID set
Adding a COPAN MAID Cabinet or Shelf
Verifying the OpenVault Components for a MAID Shelf
Updating OpenVault Components After a Power Budget Change
Removing OpenVault Components
Stopping OpenVault Components

7. Troubleshooting
Displaying Information about MAID Shelves and RAID Sets
Repairing OpenVault Components
Unable to Delete a Volume