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Figure 1-1. IRISconsole Site Example
Figure 2-1. Adding an IRISconsole Administrator
Figure 2-2. Using the IRISconsole Security Window
Figure 2-3. Adding an IRISconsole User
Figure 2-4. Checking the Multiplexer SCSI ID Number
Figure 3-1. IRISconsole Graphical User Interface Main Window
Figure 3-2. Change IRISconsole Preferences Dialog Menu
Figure 3-3. Change IRISconsole Config Dialog Box
Figure 3-4. IRISconsole Graphical User Interface Main Window with Cluster Icon
Figure 3-5. Site Window
Figure 3-6. Change Site Config Dialog Box
Figure 3-7. FailSafe Warning Dialog Box
Figure 3-8. IRISconsole Site With Four Systems
Figure 3-9. IRISconsole Main Window Operations Menu
Figure 4-1. Changing an IRISconsole Password
Figure 4-2. Example IRISconsole Main Window
Figure 4-3. Example IRISconsole Site Window
Figure 4-4. Selecting a Partitioned System
Figure 4-5. Select Partition Warning Dialog Box
Figure 4-6. Example Availability Monitor Report
Figure 4-7. System Long Viewer Window
Figure 4-8. Example IRISconsole Hardware Status Monitor
Figure 4-9. View Menu
Figure 4-10. Global Controls Dialog Box
Figure 4-11. Graph Style Dialog Box
Figure 4-12. Graph Control Panel for Blower Speed
Figure 4-13. Graph Control Panel for Temperature
Figure 4-14. Saving a Graph File