IRIX® Admin: Resource Administration

Document Number: 007-3700-016

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1. Process Limits
Process Limits Overview
Using csh and sh to Limit Resource Consumption
Using systune to Display and Set Process Limits
Additional Process Limits Parameters

2. Job Limits
Read Me First
Job Limits Overview
Job Limits Supported
User Limits Database
Job Limits and Existing IRIX software
Running Job Limits with Message Passing Interface (MPI) Jobs
Installing Job Limits
Troubleshooting Job Limits
Job Limits Man Pages
Error Messages

3. Miser Batch Processing System
Read Me First
Miser Overview
Miser Configuration
Miser Configuration Examples
Enabling or Disabling Miser
Submitting Miser Jobs
Miser Man Pages

4. Cpuset System
Using Cpusets
Restrictions on CPUs within Cpusets
Cpuset System Tutorial
Boot Cpuset
Cpuset Command and Configuration File
Cpusets and Memory-Only Nodes
Installing the Cpuset System
Obtaining the Properties Associated with a Cpuset
Cpuset System and Trusted IRIX
Using the Cpuset Library
Cpuset System Man Pages

5. Comprehensive System Accounting
Read Me First
CSA Overview
Concepts and Terminology
Enabling or Disabling CSA
CSA Files and Directories
Comprehensive System Accounting Expanded Description
CSA Reports
CSA and Existing IRIX Software
Migrating Accounting Data
CSA Man Pages
User-Level Man Pages
Administrator Man Pages

6. IRIX Memory Usage
Memory Usage Commands
Shared Memory
Physical Memory
Virtual Memory

7. Array Services
Installing Array Services
Using an Array
Managing Local Processes
Using Array Services Commands
Summary of Common Command Options
Interrogating the Array
Managing Distributed Processes
About Array Configuration
Configuring Arrays and Machines
Configuring Authentication Codes
Configuring Array Commands
Array Services Library
Secure Array Services

A. Programming Guide for Resource Management
Application Programming Interface for Job Limits
Application Programming Interface for the ULDB
Application Programming Interface for the Cpuset System