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Table 1-1. Standard Networking Software
Table 1-2. Optional Networking Products
Table 2-1. Network Device Characteristics
Table 2-2. Network Information Centers
Table 3-1.  Variables for the netif.options File
Table 3-2. IRIX Time Synchronization Services
Table 3-3. IRIX Time Synchronization Services Default Configuration Parameters
Table 3-4.  Supported Cards for RSVP
Table 6-1. BIND Server Configurations
Table 6-2. named Database Files
Table 7-1. Protocols With Historically Supported Services
Table 7-2. UNS Files and Their Purposes
Table 7-3. Cache Tuning Parameters
Table 8-1. Comparison of TCP/IP and UUCP
Table 8-2. UUCP Escape Sequences
Table 8-3. Three-Wire Null-Modem Pinning Configuration
Table 8-4. Assert Error Messages
Table 8-5. STATUS Error Messages
Table 10-1. Throughput and Estimated Socket Buffer Size