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Figure 1-1. Ethernet Network Attachment
Figure 1-2. Serial Line Network
Figure 2-1. Heterogeneous Network With Wide-Area Connections
Figure 2-2. Format of Internet Protocol (IP) Version 4 Addresses
Figure 2-3. Format of Internet Protocol (IP) Version 6 Addresses
Figure 2-4. IPv6 Prefix Bits and Interface Identifier Bits
Figure 2-5. IPv6 Header Format and Data Portion of a Datagram
Figure 2-6. Subnetted Class B Address
Figure 3-1. Network With Multicast Routers
Figure 3-2. A Tunnel Between Networks A and C
Figure 3-3. ProclaimServerMgr Graphical User Intefrace
Figure 3-4. ProclaimServerMgr File Button Pulldown Menu
Figure 3-5. ProclaimRelayMgr Graphical Interface (GUI)
Figure 6-1. Partial View of Domain Name Space
Figure 6-2. Example BIND Configuration
Figure 7-1. Action of the nsd Daemon With Name Service Protocols
Figure 7-2. Partial View of Dynamic UNS Files
Figure 7-3. Historical Operation of NIS Name Lookups
Figure 7-4. Operation of the nsd Daemon With NIS
Figure 7-5. Action of ns_lookup in Selection of Protocol Library
Figure 9-1. Layers of TCP/IP Mail Software
Figure 9-2. sendmail System Structure