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Table 1. Outline of Man Page Organization
Table 2-1. IRIX Metacharacters
Table 2-2. sysmon Priority Table
Table 3-1. System States
Table 4-1. North America Time Zones
Table 4-2. Europe Time Zones
Table 4-3. Asia Time Zones
Table 4-4. Middle East Time Zones
Table 4-5. South America Time Zones
Table 4-6. Australia and New Zealand Time Zones
Table 7-1. Output Format of the ps -ef Command
Table 9-1. Command Monitor Command Summary
Table 9-2. Command Monitor Command Line Editor
Table 9-3. Device Names for Command Monitor Commands
Table 9-4. ARCS Pathnames
Table 9-5. Environment Variables Stored in Nonvolatile RAM
Table 9-6. Environment Variables That Affect the IRIX Operating System
Table 9-7. ARCS PROM Environment Variables
Table 9-8. keybd Variables for International Keyboards
Table 10-1. Files and Directories Used for Tuning
Table 10-2. Large System Tunable Parameters
Table 10-3. System Call Errors and Related Parameters
Table 10-4. Indications of an I/O-Bound System
Table 10-5. Disk Access of an Application
Table 10-6. Indicators of Excessive Swapping and Paging
Table 10-7. Indications of a CPU-Bound System
Table A-1. System Call Errors and IPC Parameters to Adjust
Table D-1. ASCII Map to Octal Values
Table D-2. ASCII Map to Hexadecimal Values
Table D-3. ASCII Map to Decimal Values