List of Procedures

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Procedure 2-1. Copying and Pasting Text
Procedure 2-2. Creating a New Shell Window
Procedure 2-3. Creating a Site Log File
Procedure 3-1. Starting Up a System
Procedure 3-2. Shutting Down a System from Multiuser Mode
Procedure 3-3. Shutting Down a System from Single-User Mode
Procedure 3-4. Changing from Multiuser Mode to Single-User Mode
Procedure 4-1. Changing a Workstation Name
Procedure 4-2. Setting a Network Address
Procedure 4-3. Configuring the if_cl Driver
Procedure 4-4. Setting Up Partitioned Systems
Procedure 4-5. Tearing Down Partitions
Procedure 4-6. Installing a PCI card Using the pciconfig Command
Procedure 5-1. Adding User Accounts
Procedure 5-2. Editing the /etc/passwd File
Procedure 5-3. Editing the /etc/group File
Procedure 5-4. Setting Up a Home Directory
Procedure 5-5. Adding a Group to the System
Procedure 5-6. Changing a User's Group
Procedure 5-7. Deleting a User's Account
Procedure 5-8. Deleting a Group from a System
Procedure 5-9. Locking a User's Account
Procedure 5-10. Changing a User's Login Name
Procedure 5-11. Assigning a New Password
Procedure 5-12. Changing a User's Login ID Number
Procedure 5-13. Changing a User's Default Home Directory
Procedure 5-14. Changing a User's Default Shell
Procedure 6-1. Enforcing Disk Quota Guidelines
Procedure 6-2. Adding Dedicated Swap Space
Procedure 8-1. Troubleshooting fam
Procedure 9-1. Using the Command Monitor
Procedure 9-2. Setting the PROM Password
Procedure 9-3. Booting Using sash
Procedure 9-4. Booting Using bootp
Procedure 9-5. Configuring a Gateway
Procedure 9-6. Booting Using automount
Procedure 10-1. System Tuning Steps
Procedure 10-2. Tuning a System
Procedure 10-3. Reconfiguring a System
Procedure 10-4. Building a New Kernel
Procedure 10-5. Recovering from an Unbootable Kernel
Procedure B-1. Disk Usage Notification
Procedure B-2. SIMM Checklist
Procedure B-3. Not Enough Memory and Swap Space Checklist
Procedure C-1. Basic Block Counting
Procedure C-2. Reordering a Program