IRIX® Admin: Backup, Security, and Accounting

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I. Backup

1. Planning a Backup Strategy
Types of Backup Media
IRIX Backup Tools
Backup Strategies

2. Backup and Recovery Procedures
General Backup Procedure
Recovering Data After System Corruption
Changing the Default Backup Device
Saving Files Using Data Compression
Backup and Restore Utilities
About dump and restore
About xfsdump and xfsrestore
About tar
About cpio
About dd

3. Troubleshooting Backup and Recovery
Troubleshooting Unreadable Backups
Reading Media from Other Systems
Troubleshooting Errors During Backup
Restoring the Correct Backup after the Wrong One
Testing for Bad Media
Backup and Recovery Error Messages and Actions

II. Security

4. IRIX System Security
About System Security
Standard Security Features
Security Safeguards and Cautions
Password Administration
System Login and Account Administration
About Set-UID and Set-GID Permissions
About General File and Directory Permissions
/etc/shells database
Accounts Shipped Without Passwords
Security File and Command Reference
Enhanced Security Features
Pluggable Authentication Modules

5. Network Security
Local Area Network Access
About Network Security and Firewalls
Hardware Configuration for Firewalls
IRIX Configuration for Security
Internal Network Security Configuration

III. Accounting

6. Administering the System Audit Trail
About MACs and DACs
Enabling Auditing
Default Auditing
Customizing Auditing
About the Audit Data
About Security Violations
Archiving Audit Data

7. System Accounting
About the Process Accounting System
Accounting Files and Directories
About Daily System Accounting
Daily System Accounting with runacct
IRIX Extended Accounting