About This Guide

The Netperm Table Reference Guide describes the Gauntlet Firewall network permissions (netperm) table and explains how to use it.

Note: Trusted Information Systems, the manufacturer of the Gauntlet product, recommends using the Gauntlet Firewall Manager graphical user interface to configure your firewall. However, if you have an unusual configuration or need to configure an option that you cannot set through the Gauntlet Firewall Manager, the netperm table is available.


This reference guide is intended for firewall administrators. It assumes familiarity with UNIX system administration, networking, network administration, and basic firewall concepts. System administrators should be familiar with TCP/IP, domain name service, sendmail, and router configuration.

Structure of This Guide

This reference guide has the following chapters:


These type conventions and symbols are used in this guide:

Italics— executable names, filenames, IRIX commands, manual/book titles, new terms, utilities, variable command-line arguments, and variables to be supplied by the user in code examples, and syntax statements.

Fixed-width type—Code examples, prompts, and onscreen text.

Bold fixed-width type—User input, including keyboard keys, printing and nonprinting.

> (Single angle bracket)—Indicates “downward” movement in the graphical user interface. For example, “Environment > Firewall Access tab > UserName” means “In the Environment window, click the Firewall Access tab, then choose User Name.”