About This Guide

This guide describes how to set up a Silicon Graphics WebFORCE M Internet Gateway server so that you can connect your network to the Internet. It contains the following chapters:

Note: If the network host you are going to use as your Internet gateway already has a monitor, PC, Macintosh or terminal attached, you can proceed immediately with “Using WebFORCE Internet Gateway From Your Web Browser” in Chapter 3.

This manual focuses on setting up the WebFORCE Internet Gateway on a Silicon Graphics server that is attached to your local area network (LAN). Once you are able to access the server from other computers on your local area network, the WebFORCE Internet Gateway software contains further documentation to help you through the process of attaching the server to the Internet.

Finding More Information

Information about Silicon Graphics hardware and software is available from a variety of sources, including printed documentation, online documentation (including manuals that you can view with the IRIS InSight viewer and online reference pages), and documents available via the World Wide Web. Consult the InfoSearch tool (refer to the infosearch(1) reference page) and your server owner's guide for a list of available documentation.

Conventions Used in This Guide

This WebFORCE Internet Gateway Installation Guide uses these conventions:

  • References to documents are in italics.

  • References to other chapters and sections within this guide are in quotation marks.

  • References to commands that you can enter at the shell prompt are in italics.

  • Input that you type literally is in bold. For example: “To log in as root, type root.”

  • Names of IRIX reference (manual) pages are in the default font and are followed by the section number of the reference page. For example “who(1)” refers to the who command, which is found in section 1 of the IRIX reference.

  • Steps to perform tasks are in numbered sentences. When a numbered step needs more explanation, the explanation follows the step and is preceded by a square bullet.