Chapter 1. Introduction

This publication provides information about configuring the IRIS FailSafe product to run with the Data Migration Facility (DMF).

Note: IRIS DMF FailSafe does not support a dual-active configuration.

This chapter provides information about the components that are added to the base IRIS FailSafe product by the IRIS FailSafe DMF option. It assumes you are familiar with the basic components of IRIS FailSafe described in Chapter 1 of the IRIS FailSafe Administrator's Guide. This chapter also lists the steps you must take to add DMF components to the highly available services that are failed over on an IRIS FailSafe cluster.

IRIS FailSafe DMF Daemon Monitoring

The IRIS Failsafe DMF option adds DMF monitoring and fail over scripts to the IRIS base software. The monitoring script monitors the availability and status of the DMF daemon. If the script detects that the daemon is not running or responding to requests, the script takes the following actions:

  • Writes an error message to the monitoring script's log file (/var/ha/logs/ha_dmf_lon.$HOST.log ). For example:

    Tue Sep 22 00:01:27 CDT 1998 DMF has STOPPED , check DMF logfiles

  • Sends an error message to the system console indicating DMF has stopped. For example:

    Tue Sep 22 00:01:28 DMF STOPPED , check DMF logfiles

  • Sends a mail message with error information to the mail address defined by the mail-dest-addr field. For example:

    Tue Sep 22 00:01:26 DMF STOPPED , check DMF logfiles

Overview of Configuring IRIS FailSafe for DMF

To configure an IRIS FailSafe cluster for fail over of DMF, complete the following steps: