Chapter 4. Cluster Database Components

The cluster database is a key component of FailSafe software. It contains all information about the following:

The cluster database daemon (fs2d) maintains identical databases on each node in the cluster.

The following table shows the contents of the /var/cluster/ha directory.

Table 4-1. Contents of the /var/cluster/ha directory

Directory or File



Directory that contains files that communicate between various daemons. FailSafe processes create temporary files in this directory. FailSafe interprocess communication will fail if there is not sufficient disk space for this directory (approximately 2-3 MB) in the root filesystem on every node in a FailSafe cluster.


Directory that contains the script library (the common functions that may be used in action scripts).


Directory that contains the logs of all scripts and daemons executed by FailSafe. The outputs and errors from the commands within the scripts are logged in the script_ Nodename file.


Directory that contains the failover scripts used for resource groups.


Directory that contains the template action scripts.

resource_types/ RTname

Directory that contains the action scripts for the RTname resource type. For example, /var/cluster/ha/resource_types/filesystem.

resource_types/ RTname/exclusive

Script that verifies that a resource of this resource type is not already running.

resource_types/ RTname/monitor

Script that monitors a resource of this resource type.

resource_types/ RTname/restart

Script that restarts a resource of this resource type on the same node after a monitoring failure.

resource_types/ RTname/start

Script that starts a resource of this resource type.

resource_types/ RTname/stop

Script that stops a resource of this resource type.