EnlightenDSM/Workgroup EnlightenDSM/Advanced User Guide, Release 3B

Document Number: 860-0195-001

Front Matter

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Table of Contents


1. Before You Begin

2. Getting Started
Setting Session Preferences
Creating Network Pools
Changing User Authorizations

3. Setting Up a Basic Network Configuration
Setting Up User Accounts
Setting Up User Groups
Setting Up Print Services
Deleting a Printer
Enabling and Disabling a Printer

4. Managing the Network Systems
Managing a User's System Access
Managing Disk Partitions
Managing Network File Systems (NFS)
Managing Cron Jobs
Archiving Files
Performing Backups
Configuring NIS and NIS+ Servers

5. Monitoring Networked Systems with Events
Using Events
Viewing System Status
Auditing Security Checks
Monitoring Logins, Processes, and CPUs

6. Fine-tuning Events with PEP
Dispatching and Managing New Events
Enterprise Management Database

A. EnlightenDSM Basics
Global Program Functions
List Function Buttons
Performing Actions on List Items
Creating Defaults
Network Pools
Performance Expectations
Data Requests and Sorts

B. Troubleshooting

C. Installing EnlightenDSM
Pre-Installation Considerations
Mounting the CD-ROM
Verifying that the CD-ROM is Mounted
Starting the CDINSTAL Program
Installing EnlightenDSM
Starting EnlightenDSM
Installing EnlightenDSM for Windows

D. De-installing EnlightenDSM