Chapter 1. Before You Begin

Welcome to EnlightenDSM™, a scalable, standards-based application enabling you to easily manage complex network environments.

EnlightenDSM's numerous event monitoring and system administration features are managed through the Graphical User Interface (Figure 1-1).

Figure 1-1. Graphical user interface

This cross-platform GUI simplifies the management of distributed, corporate intranets running various operating systems from many vendors. Complex, multi-step operations are reduced to more intuitive single functions, reducing the chance of error. You spend less time learning platform-specific protocols and more time effectively managing the network.

Using EnlightenDSM's system administration features, you can manage users and disks, perform backups and retrievals, configure security features, manage processes, and control printer functions throughout your network. EnlightenDSM also allows you to monitor, suspend or terminate processes on an intranet-wide basis.

EnlightenDSM's Events management capabilities can automatically collect and save status, configuration, performance, and capacity information. As an SNMP agent, EnlightenDSM captures error messages and alerts, and provides that information to the SNMP manager (such as SunNet Manager, HP OpenView, or IBM NetView).

EnlightenDSM's Events feature also enables you to monitor devices, processes, resources, and services on networked systems. This feature reduces network traffic by eliminating the need for hundreds of polling messages. Instead, you are notified via the Status Map or an SNMP-aware application only when a characteristic reaches an alert stage whose threshold you determine. Status maps can be customized with meaningful backgrounds, such as office floor plans or geographical maps.

Because EnlightenDSM is scalable, it can easily be configured to manage a broad spectrum of networks, from smaller ones with just a few hosts, to extensive corporate systems.

EnlightenDSM's key features include: