Appendix B. Troubleshooting

This appendix describes solutions to some common error messages and problems that you might encounter using EnlightenDSM.

Check the EnlightenDSM website at http:\\ for up to date support information and answers to frequently asked questions.


Message: “Unable to access master daemon on host <hostname>.”

Solution: The renld daemon is not running on the remote host. Start the daemon.

Message: “The host <hostname> has rejected your request. You do not have authorization to access the Enlighten Admin daemon on host <hostname>.”

Solution: The host that you are running EnlightenDSM on is not in the remote host's hosts.allow file. The hosts.allow file is located in the Config subdirectory of the EnlightenDSM installation directory. To allow yourself access, edit this file on the remote host by placing your host in that file.

The hosts.allow file has three conditions:

  • If no hostnames are listed in the host.allow file, then everyone has access to the remote daemon.

  • If any hostname is listed in the hosts.allow file, then only those listed have access to the daemon.

  • !hostname denies access to the specified host. (The exclamation point (!) means everything except the hostname associated with !.)

  • If entries in the file contradict each other in allowing or not allowing access, access is denied. For example, if the hostnames listed in the file are !xyz and abc, efg, hij, and xyz, then !xyz takes precedence over xyz, so xyz would not have access.

Message: “Unable to access database.”

Solution: Make sure that the EMD is up and running on the host it was installed on. Make sure the local /etc/enlighten file points the EMD to the correct host.

Message: “Unable to reach Events daemon on host <hostname>.” (Message appears when you try to configure Events.)

Solution: Events on that particular host is not running, so start up the Events daemon. Restart all daemons with the $enlighten/bin/start_enl_daemons command.


Problem: I made a disk snapshot of a filesystem (Disk—>Save Current Snapshot) and after the files had changed, I tried to make another current snapshot of the filesystem by using Disk—>Save Current Snapshot command to compare the second snapshot with the first one. I got the message, “A master snapshot for partition <filename> already exists. Overwrite it with current snapshot?”

Solution: To create a second snapshot to compare to the first snapshot you made, you have to choose one of the Disk Usage commands from the Disk menu, select the filename, and then click the Rebuild button. Then click one of the function buttons, like the User Sum. button. This creates an updated snapshot of the filesystem that you can compare to the previous snapshots.

Problem: I changed ownership and permissions on the files, but they didn't show up.

Solution: Since the files you see listed are from the last disk snapshot, they do not reflect changes made since that last snapshot was taken. In order to view changes, rebuild the snapshot.

Problem: The icons on the Status Map sometimes fail to change back to green, even after the problem has been resolved.

Solution: The Events daemon may have been terminated before the “clear” message was sent to the host. The test that sent the trap may have also been turned off or deleted. The next time Events sends an alarm and the problem is resolved, the icon will return to green (status=OK).

Problem: When I open certain windows, like the User Configuration window, I get the message, “You do not have authorization to view this information.”

Solution: You have been denied viewing privileges. Ask the administrator in charge of user authorizations to grant you viewing privileges (using the User Authorization window).

Problem: When I try to modify information, I get the message, “You do not have authorization to modify this information.”

Solution: You have been denied modification privileges. Ask the administrator in charge of user authorization to grant you modification privileges (using the User Authorization window).

Problem: When I edit a host's testtab file, I receive an AgentMon startup events.

Solution: Editing the testtab file will cause AgentMon to restart so it can reread the parameters. AgentMon monitors the testtab file for any modifications.

Problem: Installing EnlightenDSM uses up too much disk space.

Solution: You can remove the unused maps from the $ENLIGHTEN/maps directory to free space.

Problem: Events daemons are not coming up after rebooting the system.

Solution: Make sure that there is not an SNMP daemon running. If one is running, kill it and edit the boot rc startup to remove the SNMP start entry.

Problem: Some program processes (for example, setting up DNS and NIS servers, building snapshots, or obvious password checking) seem to take a long time to complete.

Solution: It's normal for functions that process a lot of information to take a while to complete. Take a break and wait for the processes to be completed, or run these functions at night using cli. Password functions should be run at night.

Problem: When I click the Expert button to view the information about a specific problem, only the first few entries are displayed.

Solution: Fix the problems already listed in the Expert window, then click the Refresh button. Any other entries not previously displayed become visible.