Chapter 1. Introduction

This manual contains detailed information on EnlightenDSM's features for system administration. This includes instructions for creating and modifying Events tests, and using the Status Map as a visual aid to track and fix

These features are accessed using EnlightenDSM's graphical user interface (GUI). Each main menu item in this GUI tool bar is described in a separate chapter:

For further instructions on using Events to monitor networked systems, refer to Chapter 5 of the EnlightenDSM User Guide.

For general details on installing EnlightenDSM, navigating the GUI, or using the PEP processor, see the EnlightenDSM User Guide.

License Advisory Window

There are two versions of EnlightenDSM—Advanced and Workgroup. A License Advisory window similar to Figure 1-1 will appear if you attempt to access an Advanced feature with the Workgroup version.

Figure 1-1. License Advisory window

For information on purchasing EnlightenDSM Advanced Version, please visit Enlighten Software's web site at

Help Button

Click the Help button for information about the feature that caused the License Advisory window to appear (Figure 1-2).

Figure 1-2. Online Help window