DMF Administrator's Guide for SGI® InfiniteStorage

Document Number: 007-3681-019

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1. Introduction
What Is DMF?
How DMF Works
Ensuring Data Integrity
DMF Architecture
Capacity and Overhead
DMF Administration
The User's View of DMF
DMF File Concepts and Terms
Command Overview
Customizing DMF
Partial-State Files

2. Configuring DMF
Overview of the Configuration Steps
Configuration Considerations
Using dmmaint to Install the License and Configure DMF
Configuration Objects
Verifying the Configuration
Initializing DMF
General Message Log File Format
Parameter Table

3. Automated Space Management
Generating the Candidate List
Selection of Migration Candidates
Space Management and the Disk Cache Manager
Automated Space Management Log File

4. The DMF Daemon
Daemon Processing
DMF Daemon Database and dmdadm
Daemon Logs and Journals

5. The DMF Lock Manager
dmlockmgr Communication and Log Files
dmlockmgr Individual Transaction Log Files

6. Media-Specific Processes and Library Servers
LS Operations
Disk MSP
Disk MSP and Disk Cache Manager (DCM)
dmdskvfy Command
Moving Migrated Data between MSPs and Volume Groups
Converting from an IRIX DMF to a Linux DMF
LS Error Analysis and Avoidance
LS Drive Scheduling
LS Status Monitoring

7. DMF Maintenance and Recovery
Retaining Old DMF Daemon Log Files
Retaining Old DMF Daemon Journal Files
Soft- and Hard-Deletes
Backups and DMF
Using dmfill
Database Recovery

A. Messages
Message Format
dmcatadm Message Interpretation
dmvoladm Message Interpretation

B. DMF User Library
Overview of the Distributed Command Feature and
Considerations for IRIX Library Versioning Data Types
User-Accessible API Subroutines for

C. Site-Defined Policy Subroutines and the Library
Overview of Site-Defined Policy Subroutines
Getting Started
Considerations Data Types
Site-Defined Policy Subroutines
Helper Subroutines for

D. DMF Directory Structure Prior to Release 2.8

E. Differences from UNICOS DMF and UNICOS/mk DMF

F. Third-Party Backup Package Configuration
LEGATO NetWorker
Atempo Time Navigator
Time Navigator for NDMP