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Figure 9-1. CXFS Info Window -- Nodes Tab Display
Figure 9-2. CXFS Info Window -- Filesystems Tab
Figure 9-3. CXFS Info Window -- CXFS Client Log Tab
Figure 9-4. Private Properties: Selecting only TCP/IP
Figure 9-5. Choose Destination Location
Figure 9-6. Enter CXFS Details
Figure 9-7. Active Directory Details
Figure 9-8. Generic LDAP Details
Figure 9-9. Review the Settings
Figure 9-10. Start CXFS Driver
Figure 9-11. Restart the System
Figure 9-12. Modify CXFS for Windows
Figure 9-13. Upgrading the Windows Software
Figure 9-14. CXFS Info Display for GRIO for Windows
Figure 9-15. QLogic SANsurfer (Copyright QLogic® Corporation, all rights reserved)