IRIX® Checkpoint and Restart Operation Guide

Document Number: 007-3236-009

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1. Using Checkpoint and Restart
What Is IRIX Checkpoint and Restart
Definition of Terms
Verifying CPR Installation
Checkpointing Processes
Restarting Processes
Querying Checkpoint Status
Deleting Statefiles
Graphical Interface–cview
Checkpoint and Restart Attributes

2. Administering Checkpoint and Restart
Responsibilities of the Administrator
Installing CPR
Managing Checkpoint Images
Checkpointable Objects
Non-Checkpointable Objects

3. Programming Checkpoint and Restart
Design of Checkpoint and Restart
Programming Issues
Checkpoint and Restart of System Objects
Saving State Using ckpt_create()
Resuming Using ckpt_restart()
Checking Status Using ckpt_stat()
Removing Checkpoints Using ckpt_remove()
Preparing Checkpoints Using ckpt_setup()
Using CPR in Trusted IRIX

A. Online Help
How to Checkpoint
How to Restart
Querying a Statefile
Deleting a Statefile
Checkpoint Widgets
Restart Widgets