SGI® 400 VTL for DMF Quick Start Guide

Document Number: 007-5713-004

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1. Introduction
DMF in a SGI 400 VTL Environment
Preliminary Requirements
Overview of the Steps in this Guide

2. Configure DMF
Install the DMF License
Set Up the Environment for DMF
Create the DMF Configuration File

3. Create and Configure Each Virtual Library
Invoke the Console and Attach to the VTL Server
Determine the Migration Tape Size for the Library
Create the Library
Configure Virtual Migration Tapes for the Library
Free Space in Library SGI-C00 for Dump Tapes
Export Library Access to the DMF Server
Configure OpenVault for the Library

4. Configure Virtual Dump Tapes
Create the Dump Tapes
Relabel the Dump Tapes
Import the Dump Tapes into OpenVault
Test that OpenVault Can Mount a Dump Tape

5. Test the DMF System
Validate the DMF Configuration
Enable Audits of the DMF-Managed Filesystems
Test the DMF Configuration

A. Using an Extremely Large Number of Tapes
Number of Slots
Creating Tapes and Relabeling Barcodes in Batches

B. Enabling Compression

C. Reclaiming Space for Dumps