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Figure 1-1. ATM within the OSI Protocol Stack
Figure 1-2. Segmenting and Multiplexing Data from Multiple VCs
Figure 1-3. Multiplexed ATM Cells for Multiple VCs
Figure 1-4. Multiplexing Cells to Support Different Transmission Rates
Figure 1-5. AAL Service Classes: Types of Protocol Mappings for ATM
Figure 1-6. Byte Multiplexing within a SONET Stream
Figure 1-7. Basic SONET (STS-1) Frame
Figure 1-8. SONET OC3 Versus OC3c Frame Format
Figure 1-9. ATM Cell
Figure 1-10. ATM Address: The NSAP Format
Figure 1-11. ATM Address: The E.164 Format
Figure 1-12. General Overview of PVC Configuration Tasks
Figure 1-13. Example of Address Mapping Tables for One PVC
Figure 1-14. Use of UNI and NNI Protocols for ATM Signaling
Figure 1-15. ATM Signaling Messages for Creating an SVC
Figure 1-16. Result of a Successful SETUP Request for an SVC
Figure 1-17. ATM Signaling Messages for Tearing down an SVC
Figure 1-18. The IRIS ATM Signaling and ILMI Daemons
Figure 1-19. Relationship of ILMI Module to UNIs
Figure 1-20. ATM Address Resolution Events
Figure 1-21. Multiple IP Interfaces Using Each ATM Physical Port with SVCs
Figure 1-22. Multiple IP Interfaces Using a Single ATM Physical Port with PVCs
Figure 1-23. IP-over-PVC Configurations That Do Not Conform to RFC 1577
Figure 1-24. Transmission Rate Control on ATM-OC3c Board for CHALLENGE and Onyx Platforms
Figure 1-25. Transmission Rate Control on ATM-OC3c XIO Board for Origin2000 and Onyx2 Platforms
Figure 2-1. Loopback or Test Cable Assembly for Dual-SC Connector
Figure 2-2. Loopback Cable Assembly and Adapter for MIC Connector
Figure 3-1. Format for atmhw.conf Files
Figure 3-2. Format for ifatm.conf File
Figure 4-1. Rate Queue Information
Figure 5-1. Error Message Format in /var/adm/SYSLOG File
Figure C-1. ATM Cell Format
Figure C-2. ATM NSAP Address Formats
Figure C-3. Encapsulation
Figure C-4. E.164 Address Format
Figure C-5. OSI NSAP Format
Figure C-6. SONET Frame Format